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Amilcar Flores was born in a small village in the country of EL SALVADOR. Amilcar taught himself how to play the acoustic guitar in his native country at the age of 10 and performed regularly at the local Catholic church in his town. He moved to the U.S. in 1989 and immediately began taking professional lessons. Local groups took notice and he quickly became involved in various projects. Amilcar joined Industrial-Metal group Eroded Pride in 2001. He performed and recorded with them until he decided to go solo in 2004. Rather than continuing with guitar work, he's switched to the world of electronic music. he borrowed as well as purchased a few electronic devices and let his creativity flow. "I simply let my senses flow and avoid the mathematics of music most of the time," he explains. "The results are an extremely human, electronic sound with multi-tempo shifting effects, live guitars, synths, mixing tricks and a box full of musical first's." That same year, he recorded and released his debut album, Volar Sin Alas, and its follow-up, Eleqtronika. His first album was mostly driven by his 12-string acoustic guitar but he began to incorporate more electronic sounds and techniques for his second album. Finally, in 2005, he released The Return of Enigma, a fully electronic, instrumental album which was the culmination of his newfound technique and style. He hopes to expand on that style with his latest release, Desire, out in May 2009. Amilcar was also the lead guitarist for Spanish Rock group Sobre2is All of his music is available on iTunes.

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